Hibiscus Tea

In order to produce this flavorful blend of Hibiscus Tea, we’ve drawn from a number of exotic spices fused with the home brewing traditions of the South. Mixing these distinct flavors made a satisfying Tea we just had to share.

Hibiscus Jelly

Pride Road all natural Jelly is prepared using the very best Hibiscus Calyces slowly boiled at a low temperature. Our Jelly is produced utilizing hibiscus from organic farms and organic cane sugar for the very best taste.

Loose Leaf Tea

Experience gourmet tea flavor with our handcrafted, signature blend, single-estate loose leaf teas. Our selection of hand-picked and organic loose leaf teas supports traditional harvesting methods and offers premium flavor with the added health benefits of the hibiscus plant. Whether you need a morning pick me up or an evening wind down our full-flavored hibiscus blends are perfect for any occasion. We know there’s a perfect cup for every moment – let Pride Road™ be the perfect tea for that moment.

Sparkling Hibiscus 

Pride Road Sparkling Hibiscus is lightly carbonated Hibiscus Juice, it starts off on a sweet note and ends with a tangy, yet refreshing taste. 

Hibiscus Chutney

Pride Road all natural chutney is slowly cooked sweet and tangy spread made with hibiscus calyces, zest, and spices. Our chutney is produced utilizing fresh produce and hibiscus from organic farms for the very best taste.